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Nashi Home specialises in the design and manufacturing of quality hand-crafted resin homewares.


  • Will you guarantee me exclusivity?
  • Generally NO. However this depends on circumstances. We typically do not supply stores in the same postal code. Please email or call to discuss.
  • Can I email you my order?
  • We have now introduced a Brandwise wholesale platform. Please use the registered Brandwise Marketime Platform to register your order. This makes the process a lot more efficient/ Alternatively please speak with your local rep who can assist you further.
  • Do you do drop shipping?
  • Yes we do. Please email or call to discuss.
  • Do you supply to Designers?
  • Yes. Please contact us to discuss pricing structure.
  • I work from home. Can I still get wholesale pricing?
  • Generally No as our retailers are our priority. Please email or call to discuss as certain circumstances allow us to do so.
  • Is setup easy?
  • Yes. Create account and you are on your way. However we do have technical issues periodically.
  • Can I get trading terms?
  • Again please contact us. Typically we work on Pro Forma. However we can be flexible.
  • How quickly can I get my order?
  • If in stock we hope to send within 72 hrs. This all depends on  how many order are in the warehouse.
  • Do you hold stock?
  • Absolutely. However do not rely on us for your stock management. We run out of stock vert quickly. So order enough or even pre order.
  • Do you customise your product?
  • Yes. We can do any shape or colour that you require. However conditions apply.
  • Do you manufacture the goods yourself?
  • Yes. We have our own factory.
  • Can you produce a range of goods for me?
  • Yes. 100% Please email or call to discuss.
  • I currently buy for my stores can you manufacture for me
  • Yes we can. Please email or call to discuss.